Experience (Summary)

  • Netflix

    • Engineering Manager (2018-now)

    • Senior Distributed Systems Engineer (2015-2018)

  • University of New Mexico

    • Research Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering (2016-now)

  • North Carolina State University

    • Teaching Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering (2016)

    • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering (2014-2015)

    • Research Assistant in several projects related to Network design and implications of traffic patterns (2008-2010 and summer 2011)

    • Teaching Assistant in undergrad and grad courses (2007-2009)

  • Purdue University

    • Graduate Faculty (2015-now)

    • Assistant Professor at the department of Computer & Information Technology (2013-2015)

      • Faculty Member, Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security

      • Faculty Member, Purdue Energy Center (Groups: Smart Grid Research and Advanced Ground Vehicle Power - Vehicle Communication, Energy Internet, IT Integration) - Discovery Park

      • Faculty Member, Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE) - Discovery Park

  • IBM

    • Emerging Technology Institute Solutions Developer (2012-2013)

    • Research Partner on Mobile data analytics and deduplication (2011-2012)

    • Intern with IBM Research TJ Watson Research Center (2010-2011)

  • Technical Chamber of Greece

    • worked on the development of educational material for training Greek professional engineers on the installation of metro-Wifi networks (summer 2009)

  • Gnomonas Tutoring, Greece

    • Instructor on Signal & Systems and Digital Signal Processing undergrad Computer Science courses (Spring 2007)

  • University of Patras

    • Research Assistant with responsibilities as a Network designer for Metro Wifi Networks (2006-2007)

Graduate Research Projects

NC State University

  • “Modeling the Impact of emerging traffic patterns in Wired and Wireless architectures”, funded by Time Warner Cable, 2010-2011

  • “Netflow based traffic characterization”, funded by Institute of Next Generation IT Systems (ITng), 2009-2010

  • “Modeling Broadband Aggregation for emerging traffic patterns”, funded by Cisco Systems, 2008-2009

  • “Establishing a 3D collaborative environment for the course of the College of Engineering”, summer 2008.

University of Patras

  • “Design of citywide wireless network (Metro WiFi) for the municipality of Igoumenitsa”, Greece (population: 15000), Implementation budget 200K Euro, 2006-2007

  • “Techical tutorial on the deployment and installation of indoor and outdoor WiFi networks”, Trained 80 employes of the Hellenica Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.), 2006

  • Intervational Radiological Procedures via EUTELSAT”, worked with the Telemedicine Unit, University Hospital of Patras. photos TV


  1. I. Papapanagiotou and S.A. Kotsopoulos, “Development and Installation of Wireless Local Area Networks”, educational material delivered to the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) for training professonal enginees, July 2009 (in Greek)

  2. I. Papapanagiotou and M. Devetsikiotis, “A Comparison of 3D immersive worlds for teaching and learning of Distance Education Students”, Technical Report delivered to the Engineering Online - College of Engineering, NC State University, March 2008

  3. I. Papapanagiotou, “Study of the placement and specifications of the wireless access platform for the implementation of the Wireless Metropolitan Area Network in the Municipality of Igoumenitsa”, Technical Report delivered to the Municipality of Igoumenitsa, Greece, January 2008 (in Greek - total proposed budget 200K €)

  4. I. Papapanagiotou, M. Tsagkaropoulos, and D. Toumpakaris, “Studies and Installation of Wireless Local Area Networks”, technical manual delivered to OTE S.A, March 2007 (in Greek)